I am an assistant professor in the School of Computing and Augmented Intelligence (SCAI) at Arizona State University (ASU). My research interests broadly lie within the domains of computer security, systems, and architecture. Please refer to the following link for details about my research. Before joining ASU, I spent many enjoyable years obtaining a PhD from Purdue (go boilermakers!), where I was extremely fortunate to work with Pedro Fonseca and Byoungyoung Lee. During my PhD, I greatly enjoyed interning at Microsoft Research and NEC Labs, where I worked with Sangho Lee, Marcus Peinado, and Chung Hwan Kim.

❗ I am looking to hire graduate students for exciting systems and security research projects. If you are interested in working in this area, please reach out through email.

Recent updates

  • Rebooting the Advanced Operating Systems course at SCAI in Spring 2023. Please refer to the link for details.

  • Prof. Hasti Seifi and I are co-designing the first ASU SCAI Outreach Workshop in 2023! Please stay tuned for further information and website details.

  • Teaching a course titled "Trusted Computing in Clouds: Past, Present, and Future" in Fall 2022. Please refer to the link for details.

  • Joined School of Computing and Augmented Intelligence (SCAI) at ASU!

  • Successfully defended my PhD thesis. Thank you folks (you know who you are) for your constant love and support!

Selected publications

   HardLog: Practical Tamper-Proof System Auditing Using a Novel Audit Device [paper | slides | code]

     A. Ahmad, S. Lee, and M. Peinado (IEEE S&P 2022)

   Kard: Lightweight Data Race Detection with Per-thread Memory Protection [paper | slides | abstract]

     A. Ahmad, S. Lee, P. Fonseca, and B. Lee (ACM ASPLOS 2021)

   Chancel: Efficient Multi-client Isolation Under Adversarial Programs [paper | slides]

     A. Ahmad, J. Kim, J. Seo, I. Shin, P. Fonseca, and B. Lee (ISOC NDSS 2021)

   Shard: Fine-grained Kernel Specialization with Context-aware Hardening [paper | code]

     M. Abubakar, A. Ahmad, P. Fonseca, and D. Xu (USENIX Security 2021)

Selected service

  • Chaired the session "Verification for Security" at IEEE S&P 2022

  • Previewed the sessions on "Operating system" at USENIX ATC and USENIX OSDI 2021

  • External reviewer for IEEE S&P 2022, ACM SoCC 2022, and USENIX ATC 2022